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I would like to know more about pearls. Why are they so popular and why should I buy them? Are pearls a good investment?

Buying pearls, the ins and outs
Dear Pearl Lover,

Pearls are fascinating – and one of Nature’s most enchanting gifts.

Learning more about them, in theory, is relatively easy. But, as with everything, really knowing enough to make informed choices requires hands-on experience – and lots of time spent looking, touching and feeling.

My wedding day is in December and I have chosen to wear a fashionable hairclip or fascinator, but it is made with diamante. My mother-in-law has expressed her disapproval saying that no-one in the history of her family weddings has worn fake diamonds.
The trouble is I really like the fascinator (very Kate Middleton) and want to wear it, without displeasing my mother-in-law. She hasn't yet offered to buy me a fascinator with real diamonds, mind you.... What do I do?
Bling Bride, Nelspruit

Veronica Anderson | Platafrica 2011 competition
Dear Blinging,

Yes, that could be a cause for problems!  While I know that you like the fascinator you have chosen for the big day, I would probably agree with your mother-in-law and aim to find something with real diamonds!

My boyfriend has asked me to marry him – but hasn’t given me a ring. His mother suggests I wear her diamond engagement ring which although is a kind thought, is not my style or taste whatsoever!  I don’t want to be ungrateful, but I really would like my own ring! How do I broach the subject?
Janet, Bedfordview.

Veronica Anderson | Rings
Dear Janet

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! It is an exciting and bewildering time especially since family politics and preferences enter the fray!

My husband gave me a white gold diamond half-eternity ring for our 10th anniversary.I wear it constantly, but have noticed that it has become very dull and grey – and cleaning does not seem to help.I no longer enjoy wearing the ring, and think that we were taken for a ride.   Perhaps the metal is not gold, even though it is marked 750, which I am told is 18ct.
Yours sincerelyDull & Grey

White gold ring dull and grey before and after cleaning
Dear Dull and Grey

I am sorry that your ring is no longer bringing you joy.  But, in all likelihood,  the problem is easily resolved and your husband was not crooked!

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