Remodelling Jewellery

Upcycling and remodelling jewellery

Old rings are the perfect starting point for making something new and now. These old pieces are usually made of precious metals and have some pretty stones set into them. This makes them ideal for creating an up-to-date piece.

Remodeled diamond ring

A diamond engagement ring – the diamonds precious in themselves, but priceless in the family history.

The ring we started with had been around the block a few times – the setting was worn and the ring was spending most of its time in the safe!

Ucycling and Remodelling a damaged old brooch

A damaged old brooch with loads of family memories and an amethyst pendant which wasn’t being worn – the perfect building blocks.
We used the various elements and combined them with amethyst beads to make a wearable new necklace.

Upcycling and Remodelling Gold Scraps

Take some broken old gold scraps, melt and refine them, add a vibrant orange sapphire – and let the magic touch of a one of our very talented artist- jewellers transform the ingredients into a lovely new ring!

I want to propose to my girlfriend – and I want to do it in the traditional romantic style, on one knee with a diamond ring in a box! My granny gave me her diamond brooch and has said that I can use the diamond.
How can I make this all happen?

Diamond brooch to be remodelled
Dear Mr Romantic,

How lovely to hear your story! We can certainly help you with the ring part of your endeavour! Have a look at this design, created specially for you with your diamond in mind…….

What can I do with these earrings which I have had for many years? I am not wearing them anymore because they are looking old and scruffy. They were a gift from someone special and I don’t want to throw them away. I would like something more contemporary – and which I can wear with gold or silver jewellery. Have you any ideas?

Jewellery to be Remodelled
Dear Jane,

We suggest that we remove the old pearls which have served you well, but have earned the right to a gracious retirement! We have had this pair of Sterling Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold Centre pieces made-for you to consider. We have oxidised the silver to give the earrings more definition.

Veronica Anderrson Demystifying Jewellery

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