When Long is Quite Long Enough

Long Necklaces

When Long is Quite Long Enough!

Well – we all know that size counts!

Then comes the question : What is that perfect size?

A daring mischievous idea?

During lockdown with time on our hands, we tackled that dreaded task – stocktaking!
With the stock spread out we started mixing tonal colours and various cuts.
We found unusual and delightful combinations.

Suddenly we saw : extra length was the perfect answer to the question! We settled on 250 cms!

Our goldsmiths took to the project with gusto,
creating these simply “gotta have” necklaces.
Designing quirky and interesting handmade elements –
tortoises and turtles,
delicious monsters
and even Venus reborn.
Shades of red, tones of green, blacks, blues and soft pinks.

Outrageous, spectacular and, of course, pleasingly long.

They can be worn in a variety of ways – and are such fun!

Roni wearing long necklaces

Necklaces - 250cm log .....

Long Necklaces - Collection One

Soft pinks and silver links.

Long Necklaces - Collection Two

Greens, blacks and blues.

Long Necklaces - Collection Three

Tortoises, turtles and even Venus reborn.

These pieces are all handmade by South African jewelers. We delight in creating commissioned pieces.
Is there something special that you have always wanted?
Call us or come in and see us!
We can make it happen.

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When Long is Long Enough
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