Dear Veronica

In this beautiful country of ours, we tend to complain and moan and openly spread the word when we receive a bad deal or service.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to majestically commend your business.

Every time I visit your showroom in The Firs of Rosebank, you advise and show me pieces that are simply exquisite. You listen to me, and through this, you introduce me to jewellery pieces so unique and special

Over the past 3 years you have sold me some uniquely designed pieces of Jewellery and most of all they are just simply top class.

I don't know if you will remember, but the first piece was the men's silver bracelet with double black abstract centre lines. It is a modern understated piece which I Love wearing casually.

Two years ago, I was in dire search of a unique design (I had no idea what though) for a very special lady in my life, and I went from jeweller to Jeweller and saw some really lovely things but nothing that really "grabbed" me,
And the week before this special person's birthday, I was getting anxious as I hadn't found anything yet.

I happened to look into your shop window and there it was the most amazing turquoise / blue water pearl necklace with a silver leaf latch with equally amazing matching earrings.

That special person is now my partner and hopefully soon to be my fiancé. That beautiful set you sold me is a treasure for us both not only for its features but for what it meant and its sentimentalism…

That set was so well received and loved that a few months later you designed and made my mom a very different necklace and earing set, which you made from the most amazing salmon/red hand carved flower stone (I'm not entirely sure what this was made of but, I have never seen a piece like it anywhere here or in Europe.

Thank you for the joy and pleasure you have given me and people close and dear to me and I will be back for more and more ,as your ideas, workmanship and your service seems to overwhelm and way over step the normal expectations for many people I don't really know, who talk of your business.

With Kindest regards,
Robert Fischer