Upcycling Jewellery

Upcycling and remodelling jewellery

Old rings are the perfect starting point for making something new and now. These old pieces are usually made of precious metals and have some pretty stones set into them. This makes them ideal for creating an up-to-date piece. Our picture shows old and broken settings on the left, with all the stones taken out – and then remodelled into the rings on the right.

Cameo remodelled into contemporary vintage style necklace

This little shell cameo was originally set in a bar brooch, made in the early 1900’s. The gold of the brooch was bent and twisted, the pin long since broken and lost. But it held precious memories of a much-loved granny. We salvaged the gold and the cameo, and reworked that into this enchanting vintage-style necklace.

The end result diamond ring upcycled from old jewellery

DIAMOND RING – one magnificent and extremely wearable statement ring from lots of old bits and pieces.

Why not up-cycle | remodel an heirloom?

Do you have some old pieces of jewellery which need a new look? Perhaps a broken gold chain. Or an old ring or two which was passed down through the family which you can’t wear? An engagement ring which is treasured but not suitable for your current lifestyle?

Damaged and dated jewellery can be remodelled into new pieces. By using the precious metals and stones which have probably been gathering dust, you get the double advantage of “recycling” as well as having something new to wear that is made just for you.

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