Veronica Anderson Jewellery presents two to three themed collections a year – these reflect current trends in the economic world, and as a natural consequence, the fashion and adornment world.

Each piece in these collections, like everything at VAJ, has been specially commissioned from top South African Artist/Jewellers.

Have a look at our past collections – we are extremely proud of what we have done and continue to do.

VAJ | Collection | Dig Deep
Monday, May 13, 2019 - 1:59pm

Audentes Fortuna Iuvat

In keeping with the thought that to survive and indeed prosper in these...

VAJ | Collection | Platinum

Platinum - our first  choice of metal in jewellery -  suitable for every special occasion: from classical  to contemporary...

VAJ | Collection | There is Always One

Setting the tone for Spring/Summer 2018/9 - A brand new Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection.


Custom Pearl Jewellery

PEARLS… of Nature’s most enchanting gifts. The gem of choice for timeless beauty – endlessly versatile and flattering....

VAJ | Collection | Succulents

Inspired by the enchanting and subtle palette that is now – with the superb workmanship and attention to detail that is the...

VAJ collection | Vintage Inspiration

Revisiting Jewellery Designs from the Past

This collection takes inspiration from classic jewellery designs of the...

VAJ collection | Rough and Tumble

Precious metals and fine gemstones.
Some like it rough – others prefer it smooth.

This brand new collection of...

VAJ collection | Sizzling Summer


Perfect pieces to complement a pretty bare...

VAJ collection | Keeping the Balance

2016 Pantone Colours: Rose Quartz and Serenity. The soft pink and the pale blue of these two colours are a perfect addition to...

VAJ Collection | Snazzy Snaps

Celebrating a Remarkable Decade

In October 2005 Veronica Anderson Jewellery opened their little gem of a gallery in...

VAJ collection 2015 | Framed

Launching in May 2015, “FRAMED”, this new collection of handmade jewellery by top South African artist-jewellers offers a rich...

Nina Newman Collection at VAJ

VAJ is honoured to present
"The Botanical Motif"
by Nina Newman
A collection of Enamelled Contemporary...

Renaissance Revisited | VAJ collection

A collection of specially commissioned handmade contemporary jewellery by top South African artist-jewellers which takes...

VAJ | Collection | As Nature Intended

Natural gemstones only!! Mother Nature's gifts…

VAJ | The Finishing Touch

A pair of earrings – like a frame for a painting – adds the defining finishing touch. Make a statement for the day, whatever...

VAJ Now | For the Groom

The Finishing touch for the Perfectly Groomed Man

VAJ | Custom-made Earrings

The Mother-of-the-Groom gets to be gorgeous too!

VAJ Collection | A Stroll Through the Meadow

The perfect adornments for long sunny days and warm moonlit ngihts...

VAJ | Sugar & Spice Collection

The colours of summer 2012 - 13. From sweet pinks to hot orange and lots in between.

VAJ collection | Just One Look

Choose a colour and wear it with confidence. Have fun and look great.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | BESPOKE ENGAGEMENT RINGS - 2011

Platinum and Diamonds – the perfect partnership.

This collection of handmade jewellery has a catchy, tongue-in-cheek title (which has caused many a laugh)!

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | STONED

Bright and bold, soft and subtle - coloured gemstones get the VAJ touch.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | METAL METTLE - 2010

ONLY Gold and Silver – these precious metals show their versatility and allure.

Veronica Anderson Retail Collection | HOT SUMMER GEMS 2010

Colours and combinations that speak of passion! Red, pink, purple, orange and violets!

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | CELEBRATING THE BEAUTIFUL GAME - 2010

Who Could ever forget THE WORLD CUP, 2010?

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | PAINTING THE TOWN BLUE

A fresh and understated look for Africa’s most unusual gemstone.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | Pearls

Pearls are Nature’s most alluring gift – just add the magic touch of creative design and craftsmanship…….

Veronica Anderon Jewellery Collection | RECYCLED, REVISITED, RECONSIDERED - 200

Old, damaged gold and silver combined with inexpensive materials reworked into unusual and remarkable jewellery.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | PLATINUM AND PEARLS - 2009

Alluring Pearls Meet Irresistible Platinum

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | URBAN FOREST

A collection celebrating Johannesburg and the largest manmade urban forest in the world.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | WHAT PLATINUM CAN DO FOR COLOUR - 2008

Showstopping Cocktail rings with vibrant gemstones.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | DOWN TO EARTH DIAMONDS - 2008

A new look at diamonds – using less’than-perfect natural coloured stones with a beauty and mystery all of their own.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection |CUFF LOVE - 2008

Adornment for the wrist! For men and women.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | GOBSMACKING RINGS - 2007

Statement rings give a whole new dimension to “talking with one’s hands”.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | THE WATER COLLECTION - 2007

This collection was perfectly timed for the summer holidays – fresh and bright for sunkissed necks and limbs.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | SUNDRENCHED - 2007

What could you do with One Ounce of Pure gold? Our jewellers created a special collection using this most appealing precious...

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection| COMMITMENT RINGS – LIMITED EDITION 2007

A Collaboration between Anglo Platinum and South African artist-jewellers.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | FOR MEN ONLY - 2006

WANTED MAGAZINE liked this so much that they featured it as their cover story.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | UP THE GARDEN PATH - 2006

Inspired by the lush gardens in our sunny land – a peek under the bushes, in the fish pond, in the rose garden…..

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | MANY MOODS OF AFRICA - 2006

Anglo Platinum and VAJ collaborate – offering this most precious of metals in Contemporary Designs.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | THE CLASPS COLLECTION - 2005

Our very first collection! Putting us ON THE MAP and setting us the path of creating amazing jewellery…..

Veronica Anderson

Veronica Anderson Jewellery is South Africa´s leading contemporary jewellery gallery, showcasing the work of many of the country´s foremost goldsmiths and jewellery designers. Each piece is...

Custom Pearl Jewellery

PEARLS… of Nature’s most enchanting gifts. The gem of choice for timeless beauty – endlessly versatile and flattering.

Talk Radio | Small Business Awards

We are delighted to be a Finalist for the 2012 702 Small Business Awards.

VAJ Now | For the Groom

The Finishing touch for the Perfectly Groomed Man