Veronica Anderson Jewellery presents two to three themed collections a year – these reflect current trends in the economic world, and as a natural consequence, the fashion and adornment world.

Each piece in these collections, like everything at VAJ, has been specially commissioned from top South African Artist/Jewellers.

Have a look at our past collections – we are extremely proud of what we have done and continue to do.

VAJ | Collection | Summer Sorted
Monday, October 21, 2019 - 9:26am

Summer Sorted

November 2019

It’s summertime – and it’s your unassailable right to have fun and to...

Birthstones and Precious Gemstones

Explore the exciting world of Birthstones and Precious Gemstones! Here are Birthstones for every month, choose yours.

VAJ | Collection | Platinum

Platinum - our first  choice of metal in jewellery -  suitable for every special occasion: from classical  to contemporary...

VAJ | Collection | Dig Deep

Audentes Fortuna Iuvat

In keeping with the thought that to survive and indeed prosper in these...

VAJ | Collection | There is Always One

Setting the tone for Spring/Summer 2018/9 - A brand new Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection.


Custom Pearl Jewellery

PEARLS… of Nature’s most enchanting gifts. The gem of choice for timeless beauty – endlessly versatile and flattering....

VAJ | Collection | Succulents

Inspired by the enchanting and subtle palette that is now – with the superb workmanship and attention to detail that is the...

VAJ collection | Vintage Inspiration

Revisiting Jewellery Designs from the Past

This collection takes inspiration from classic jewellery designs of the...

VAJ collection | Rough and Tumble

Precious metals and fine gemstones.
Some like it rough – others prefer it smooth.

This brand new collection of...

VAJ collection | Sizzling Summer


Perfect pieces to complement a pretty bare...

VAJ collection | Keeping the Balance

2016 Pantone Colours: Rose Quartz and Serenity. The soft pink and the pale blue of these two colours are a perfect addition to...

VAJ Collection | Snazzy Snaps

Celebrating a Remarkable Decade

In October 2005 Veronica Anderson Jewellery opened their little gem of a gallery in...

VAJ collection 2015 | Framed

Launching in May 2015, “FRAMED”, this new collection of handmade jewellery by top South African artist-jewellers offers a rich...

Nina Newman Collection at VAJ

VAJ is honoured to present
"The Botanical Motif"
by Nina Newman
A collection of Enamelled Contemporary...

Renaissance Revisited | VAJ collection

A collection of specially commissioned handmade contemporary jewellery by top South African artist-jewellers which takes...

VAJ | Collection | As Nature Intended

Natural gemstones only!! Mother Nature's gifts…

VAJ | The Finishing Touch

A pair of earrings – like a frame for a painting – adds the defining finishing touch. Make a statement for the day, whatever...

VAJ Now | For the Groom

The Finishing touch for the Perfectly Groomed Man

VAJ | Custom-made Earrings

The Mother-of-the-Groom gets to be gorgeous too!

VAJ Collection | A Stroll Through the Meadow

The perfect adornments for long sunny days and warm moonlit ngihts...

VAJ | Sugar & Spice Collection

The colours of summer 2012 - 13. From sweet pinks to hot orange and lots in between.

VAJ collection | Just One Look

Choose a colour and wear it with confidence. Have fun and look great.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | BESPOKE ENGAGEMENT RINGS - 2011

Platinum and Diamonds – the perfect partnership.

This collection of handmade jewellery has a catchy, tongue-in-cheek title (which has caused many a laugh)!

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | STONED

Bright and bold, soft and subtle - coloured gemstones get the VAJ touch.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | METAL METTLE - 2010

ONLY Gold and Silver – these precious metals show their versatility and allure.

Veronica Anderson Retail Collection | HOT SUMMER GEMS 2010

Colours and combinations that speak of passion! Red, pink, purple, orange and violets!

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | CELEBRATING THE BEAUTIFUL GAME - 2010

Who Could ever forget THE WORLD CUP, 2010?

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | PAINTING THE TOWN BLUE

A fresh and understated look for Africa’s most unusual gemstone.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | Pearls

Pearls are Nature’s most alluring gift – just add the magic touch of creative design and craftsmanship…….

Veronica Anderon Jewellery Collection | RECYCLED, REVISITED, RECONSIDERED - 200

Old, damaged gold and silver combined with inexpensive materials reworked into unusual and remarkable jewellery.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | PLATINUM AND PEARLS - 2009

Alluring Pearls Meet Irresistible Platinum

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | URBAN FOREST

A collection celebrating Johannesburg and the largest manmade urban forest in the world.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | WHAT PLATINUM CAN DO FOR COLOUR - 2008

Showstopping Cocktail rings with vibrant gemstones.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | DOWN TO EARTH DIAMONDS - 2008

A new look at diamonds – using less’than-perfect natural coloured stones with a beauty and mystery all of their own.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection |CUFF LOVE - 2008

Adornment for the wrist! For men and women.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | GOBSMACKING RINGS - 2007

Statement rings give a whole new dimension to “talking with one’s hands”.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | THE WATER COLLECTION - 2007

This collection was perfectly timed for the summer holidays – fresh and bright for sunkissed necks and limbs.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | SUNDRENCHED - 2007

What could you do with One Ounce of Pure gold? Our jewellers created a special collection using this most appealing precious...

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection| COMMITMENT RINGS – LIMITED EDITION 2007

A Collaboration between Anglo Platinum and South African artist-jewellers.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | FOR MEN ONLY - 2006

WANTED MAGAZINE liked this so much that they featured it as their cover story.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | UP THE GARDEN PATH - 2006

Inspired by the lush gardens in our sunny land – a peek under the bushes, in the fish pond, in the rose garden…..

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | MANY MOODS OF AFRICA - 2006

Anglo Platinum and VAJ collaborate – offering this most precious of metals in Contemporary Designs.

Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | THE CLASPS COLLECTION - 2005

Our very first collection! Putting us ON THE MAP and setting us the path of creating amazing jewellery…..

Veronica Anderson

Veronica Anderson Jewellery is South Africa´s leading contemporary jewellery gallery, showcasing the work of many of the country´s foremost goldsmiths and jewellery designers. Each piece is...

Custom Pearl Jewellery

PEARLS… of Nature’s most enchanting gifts. The gem of choice for timeless beauty – endlessly versatile and flattering.

Talk Radio | Small Business Awards

We are delighted to be a Finalist for the 2012 702 Small Business Awards.

VAJ Now | For the Groom

The Finishing touch for the Perfectly Groomed Man