Just One Look

Just One Look

Choose a colour and wear it with confidence. Have fun and look great!

The inspiration for this collection was drawn from Pantone and a visit to Milan and Lake Como.
Pantone are the creators of the Book of Colours and are forecasters of fashion and colour trends.
The rich and famous (and the people in the streets) in Northern Italy are proudly attired in the newly-revived fashion look of wearing only one colour at a time.

VAJ collection | Just One Look | Black and White
VAJ collection | Just One Look | Green
VAJ collection | Just One Look | The Blues
VAJ collection | Just One Look | Cobalt Blue and Navy
VAJ collection | Just One Look | Purple is Passionate
VAJ collection | Just One Look | Cherry Reds and Hot Pink
VAJ collection | Just One Look | Tangerine and Tan Tones

Here are our top seven fashion colours - click on a colour for more information.

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