Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection | METAL METTLE - 2010


Inspired by desire for jewellery which has no constraint as to when and how to wear it – designed for the woman with little time to match her jewellery to her outfit – and trading on the fact that jewellery needs to look good but not attract unwanted attention. The pieces are made in finely worked silver, each with a touch of high carat gold, to add warmth and a touch of class.

Veronica Anderson

Veronica Anderson Jewellery is South Africa´s leading contemporary jewellery gallery, showcasing the work of many of the country´s foremost goldsmiths and jewellery designers. Each piece is...

Custom Pearl Jewellery

PEARLS… of Nature’s most enchanting gifts. The gem of choice for timeless beauty – endlessly versatile and flattering.

Talk Radio | Small Business Awards

We are delighted to be a Finalist for the 2012 702 Small Business Awards.

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The Finishing touch for the Perfectly Groomed Man