She Deserves Platinum

She Deserves

Platinum - our first  choice of metal in jewellery -  suitable for every special occasion: from classical  to contemporary design.

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GL0152R Sterling Silver and Blue Topaz RING. R2,880
NB0051N Sterling Silver IOLITE Fancy Link NECKLACE. R14,300


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That Special Metal

Platinum - for those milestone moments – the perfect choice.>

When only the best will do.

Platinum is durable and strong, is highly resistant to stress and withstands both heat and cold. It is also hypoallergenic.

It can be used in so many ways – from chunky strong statement pieces to the most seemingly impossible delicate and intricate designs. In the hands of the jeweller, it is pure magic.

Nothing does the job quite as well as platinum – as enduring as the love it represents could ever be.


Platinum and Gem-quality Freshwater Pearl RING. R25,700 : SOLD
Platinum and Grey Freshwater Pearl RING. : SOLD
Platinum and Black Freshwater Pearl CLASP on NECKLACE of South Sea Pearls. : SOLD
Pair of Platinum, Tahitian and South Sea Pearl CUFFLINKS. R29,500 : SOLD
Pair of Platinum and Freshwater Pearl CHANDELIER EARRINGS. R26,500 : SOLD

and Pearls

The soft sheen of pearls and the gentle gleam of platinum - an exquisite combination. A winner when used in either classical or contemporary designs.       

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The Perfect

Platinum and Diamonds – handmade, specially designed for you - for that question where the only answer should be “YES”!

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A Handmade Platinum and Diamond RING, set with Princess-cut Natural Brown Diamond, 1.09 cts. R 25,290 : SOLD
Platinum and Diamond Flower RING, set with Round Brilliant-cut Diamonds, 0.48ct. R31,180 : SOLD
Platinum and Diamond RING, set with an Old-Cut Cushion Diamond and Two Round-cut Diamonds, 0.65cts. R36,400 : SOLD
Platinum Solitaire Heart Motif RING. R22,200 (Diamond not included) : SOLD
Platinum Solitaire RING. R16,400 (Diamond not included) : SOLD
Platinum and Diamond RING, Basket Weave Technique, set with a Fancy Yellow Round-cut Diamond. 0.30 ct R29,400 : SOLD
Platinum and Diamond RING, set with Old-cut Round Diamonds, 1.69 cts. R64,500 : SOLD
Platinum and Five-stone Diamond RING, 0.17cts. R23,950 : SOLD
A Handmade Platinum and Diamond ‘Daisy’ RING. : SOLD
A Handmade Platinum, Blue Topaz and Assorted Gem Stone RING. : SOLD
A Handmade Platinum RING set with Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Tanzanite and Orange, Blue and Yellow Sapphire. : SOLD
A Handmade Platinum, Pink Spinel, Fire Opal and Pink Tourmaline RING. : SOLD
A Handmade Platinum and Kunzite RING. : SOLD

Platinum Loves

Choose from Mother Nature’s  glorious range of coloured stones – creating joyful and enduring jewellery.

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For those unforgettable jewellery moments.

Please contact us to discuss your special piece – whether you are planning to pop the question or mark any important occasion.  Platinum plays the part splendidly and will last forever.


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