Size Matters

Size Matters

This collection of handmade jewellery has a catchy, tongue-in-cheek title (which has caused many a laugh)!

VAJ size matters

Rosegold Ring with Rose-cut and Round Brilliant Diamonds

VAJ size matters

Sterling Silver, Rock Crystal and Vintage Butterflies in a Drop Dead Ring

VAJ size matters
More Pebbles from Grand Beach on Necklace of Pink Opals with Sterling Silver Detail
VAJ size matters

Tiny Freshwater Seed Pearls with Silver and Enamel Centrepiece – Delicate but with a Big Impact!

VAJ size matters

A Choker Length Necklace of Giant Freshwater Pearls on Handmade Silver Clasp.

Size Matters!! We came up with the idea while considering the current economic crisis gripping the whole world.
Conspicuous consumption is out of favour – but we all still want to have beautiful things.
Featured are pieces that are designed using various elements. From large unusual pieces, like beach pebbles to smaller precious ones, like seedpearls and rosecut diamonds.
The result is a highly acclaimed collection of statement jewellery, with something to suit everyone, as well as every pocket!

Let us design a piece for you which is ideally “SIZED” for your temperament!

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