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Imagine if you could have one of South Africa’s top artist-jewellers create the perfect piece for you?
At VAJ we work closely with over 40 jewellers who design and handmake pieces for our customers.
Whether we are designing a brand new engagement ring or remodeling an old and no-longer-desirable family heirloom, we offer our customers access to the creative talent of these artist-jewellers.
Veronica and her colleagues Elize and Louise, offer a very personal service which aims at coming up with the just the right piece!

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Anglo Platinum Platafrica
Friday, March 15, 2019 - 12:01pm
Upcycling and remodelling jewellery

UPCYCING – the best trend to follow right Now...
Old lacklustre treasures given a new sparkle.

Jewellery pendants in design

Fresh and colourful gemstone necklace/pendant specially made for Renaissance Revisited. Follow the process...

Remodeled diamond ring

Fresh as a Daisy – an old diamond gets the chance to bloom again.

Upcycling and Remodelling Gold Scraps

Take some broken old gold scraps, melt and refine them …

Ucycling and Remodelling a damaged old brooch

A damaged old brooch with loads of family memories, the perfect building block…

Jewellery to be Remodelled

A plea from Plain Jane .... we found a perfect solution.

Diamond brooch to be remodelled

Mr Romantic says "My Granny gave me her brooch and said I could use her diamond ..."

VAJ | Second Time Around

“UPCYCLING” – the new trendy buzz word for recycling – and an age-old tradition in the world of jewellery.

A Perfect Wedding teaser image one

A wedding very close to our hearts took place in December 2011 and we were privileged to be involved in the design of the...

A new beginning


Upcycling – the new buzz word – and what better way to do this...

Veronica Anderson Bespoke Happy Ending Story | GRANNY’S PEARLS

A string of cultured pearls from the 1950’s were put together with part of an old diamond ring, new freshwater pearls, some...

Veronica Anderson Bespoke Happy Ending Story | MOTHER OF THE GROOM

There is an old-fashioned saying that "the mother of the bridegroom should wear beige (and some other not-so-complimentary...

Veronica Anderson Bespoke Story | NEW LOOK TANZANITE

This piece was created for a customer who was inspired by our Painting the Town Blue Collection. With Tanzanite Earrings and...

Bespoke Happy Ending Story | PRETTY WOMAN REVITALISED

A pair of Mabé pearl earrings and the matching pendant were gathering dust. These very dated but sentimental jewels were...

Veronica Anderson Bespoke Story | A HAPPY BRIDE

Proposals or marriage are so very special! This story concerns a young man who wanted to give his lady-love a really fabulous...

Veronica Anderson Bespoke Story | CITY LAWYER - EARRINGS AT WORK

A much-loved daughter-in-law, a London-based lawyer, was turning 50 – and her mother-in-law wanted to give her something that...


The well-known and popular Ruda Landman brought us some of her jewellery that she was no longer wearing. She wanted her...

Bespoke Happy Endings | WILL YOU MARRY ME?

We really enjoy being involved in making engagement rings! The challenge is always to find the balance between the budget and...

Bespoke Happy Ending Story | AQUAMARINE FROM THE PAST

A beautiful rectangular-cut aquamarine had been lying in a box for years. It was probably bought on a holiday to South...

Bespoke Happy Ending Story | PEDRO THE TEDDY

A double string of Freshwater Pearls are given a focal point with a specially commissioned centerpiece featuring a teddy on a...

A wedding in Cape Town – two weeks to the big day, and the bridegroom decided he wanted to give something special to his four...

Veronica Anderson

Veronica Anderson Jewellery is South Africa´s leading contemporary jewellery gallery, showcasing the work of many of the country´s foremost goldsmiths and jewellery designers. Each piece is...

Custom Pearl Jewellery

PEARLS… of Nature’s most enchanting gifts. The gem of choice for timeless beauty – endlessly versatile and flattering.

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