Second Time Around

Second Time Around

“UPCYCLING” – the new trendy buzz word for recycling – and an age-old tradition in the world of jewellery.

From ancient times, jewellery has been remodelled – with reasons varying from changes in taste and style to the reusing of valuable metals and gems from pieces which have become damaged or worn.

Although many jewels should never be altered for their historic importance, there are many more which are no longer of any use or value.

Think of the charm bracelet given to you years ago, now so worn that all the links are broken and which lurks sadly in the bottom of your jewellery box. Or the pretty little brooch left to you by your beloved aunt which has a broken pin and cannot be repaired.

Working with our top South African goldsmiths we have created a special collection of just such items, using bits and pieces found here and there. Each piece a story to tell.

The old treasures shown here were damaged in their previous lives. Every care has been taken to protect original workmanship.

VAJ | Sterling Silver and Enamel Scottish Plaid Pin

From this ...

Sterling Silver and Enamel Scottish Plaid Pin
Although not damaged, it was practically unwerable!

VAJ | Sterling Silver and Enamel Scottish Plaid Pin

… to this!

The same Plaid Pin
- now combined with Freshwater Pearls, Sodalite and Sterling Silver Beads making it an eye-catching Necklace.

VAJ | Enamel Pansy Brooch

Enamel Pansy Brooch, circa 1920.
Recreated as Magnetised Clasp for a Necklace of Fun Freshwater Pearls.

VAJ | Victorian “Pinchbeck” Knot Brooch, circa 1870.

Victorian “Pinchbeck” Knot Brooch, circa 1870.
Turned into a Magnetised Clasp and strung onto four rows on Black Spinel Beads.

VAJ | Enamel Butterfly Brooch, circa 1930.

Enamel Butterfly Brooch, circa 1930.Remodelled and added to Handmade Sterling Silver Elements, on a Necklace of Freshwater Pearls.

VAJ | Victorian Forget-me-Not, circa 1850.

Victorian Forget-me-Not, circa 1850.
Originally on a Stickpin, now forming art of a Centrepiece of Sterling Silver, strung onto Lacquered Blue Spinel Beads making a pretty Choker Necklace.

Do you have something that needs a new look?

Please contact us and tell us about it.

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