Why Pearls?

Why Pearls?

Why pearls are so popular and why you should buy them. This post is as a result of the following question asked by one of our readers.

My Question:

I would like to know more about pearls. Why are they so popular and why should I buy them? Are pearls a good investment?

Dear Pearl Lover,

Pearls are fascinating – and one of Nature’s most enchanting gifts.

Learning more about them, in theory, is relatively easy. But, as with everything, really knowing enough to make informed choices requires hands-on experience – and lots of time spent looking, touching and feeling.

The four basic types of 'REAL' pearls are Akoya, Freshwater, South Sea and Tahitian.

Pearls are the most versatile and flattering jewel to choose. The natural glow of pearls, no matter whether they are light or dark, complements every complexion.

My favourite way to illustrate how remarkable pearls are is to ask a willing participant (or even using myself as the model) to put on a pair of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace. It is the most magical instant facelift - and no surgery required!

Pearls the most generous of natures gifts


RING – Round Freshwater Pearl with Diamond centred Flower, set in Silver and 18ct Yellow gold R7,600 | EARRINGS - Baroque Freshwater Pearls with Natural Emeralds and Black Diamonds R11,780

The wisest option is to buy the best of anything that you can afford. Pearl prices range from fairly affordable to eye-wateringly unaffordable! This is because of the great differences in prices in the four types of pearls mentioned.

We suggest that you decide what it is you are wanting from your purchase. Pearls probably classify as the 'best-bang-for-your-buck' in the jewelllery world – and there will be many options for you to choose from. A splendid starting point for a young lady is a pair of simple round pearls stud earrings. A really good pair of freshwater pearls could cost less than R1,000 – and should last a lifetime.

Then, going on from this, a pearl 'wardrobe' is what the converted pearl lover aspires to. And as a gift, there is little chance of getting a pearl jewellery purchase wrong.

Starting with that basic pair of studs, one can move on to the infinite variety of shapes, colours and sizes for earrings, pendants and whole pearl necklaces. The infinite variety of pearls allows you to spend a lot, or not so much, depending on the occasion and the state of your wallet!

Tahitian Pearl NECKLACE


NECKLACE Tahitian Pearls -Double Row Choker P.O.A. | RING – Tahitian Pearl set in Silver and 14ct Yellow Gold R5,800

The buying (and selling) of pearls

Pearls should be bought for their intrinsic beauty and to make you feel and look good. They need to be taken good care of – they can get scratched with rough treatment. Jumbling them up in the bottom of a jewellery drawer will do them no favours. Care must be taken using perfume and face creams. They should be cleaned often – this mostly to remove surface dirt. Wipe them gently with a slightly damp cloth.

'Second hand' pearls have a limited market – most used pearls have been damaged and have lost their desirability because of this.

Pearls, as with any item of jewellery, should never be bought as an investment. Jewellery is an item of adornment – often a gift to commemorate a special occasion. Its value lies in what it represents to you – not in its resale price.

Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold, Carved Emerald and Baroque Freshwater Pearl PENDANT on Freshwater Pearls


NECKLACE – Round Freshwater Pearls NECKLACE with Emerald and Baroque Freshwater Pearl DROP. R23,800

There are very few items that really are investments. Rarity is one possible influence on the price. But, in reality, only provenance gets the big return. And that requires the piece to have garnered some interesting history – usually in having belonged to someone famous (or even better, infamous!) And this has all to be documented before anyone will believe it!

A sensible way to look at jewellery is as something which could have lasting value. Take a look at its future. Imagine that the diamond you buy today for an engagement ring, one day in the distant future, is inherited by someone in your family. They would have a piece of your family history. And it is likely that, were they to replace that diamond with a new one it would be cost a great deal more, which would probably put them under as much of a financial strain as that which you endured with your original purchase!

Oxidised Sterling Silver and Freshwater Pearl “Octopus” CLASP on Black Baroque Freshwater Pearls


NECKLACE – Dark Baroque Freshwater Pearls with Silver Octopus CLASP. R 9,980

We love pearls in every shape and size – come in and talk to us about these fabulous gifts from nature!

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