702 Small Business Awards

702 Small Business Awards

We are delighted to make it to the top six finalists in the 702 Small Business Awards for 2012.

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This wonderful letter from Magdeleen Enslin is what started our SBA adventure.

"You gave me such a wonderful compliment saying that my ring is too enchanting to do anything on, and that we should rather add another band..."

"Thank you so much for being honest about my ring and giving advice that helped us in making a right decision. Thank you for understanding what it was we wanted!"

And this from Robert Fischer came next!

"In this beautiful country of ours, we tend to complain and moan and openly spread the word when we receive a bad deal or service."

"However, I would like to take this opportunity to majestically commend your business."

Thank you for all the wonderful comments you posted on the 702 website. There were so many that they couldn't publish them all! To read them, please follow this this link.

Talk Radio | Small Business Awards
VAJ | Finalist for 702 Talk Radio Small Business Awards

John Robbie | VAJ 702 Small Business Award Pod Cast:

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