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A Stroll Through the Meadow

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  1. DA734E
    A Pair of Handmade Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold Freshwater Pearl DROP EARRINGS.
  2. MH199E
    A NECKLACE of Pink, Blue and Green Beryl Beads with Handmade Sterling Silver and Enamel Elements.
  3. EVDM25E
    A Pair of Handmade Sterling Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold ‘Double Flower’ HOOP EARRINGS.
  4. DC224C
    AA Handmade Sterling Silver CLASP, with Moonstone, Labradorite and Aquamarin on Fluorite, Iolite and Moonstone Beads.
  5. DC225E
    A Pair of Handmade Sterling Silver Pierced ‘Flower’ EARRINGS with blue Apatite Beads.
  6. ST56E
    A Pair of Handmade Polished and Oxidised Sterling Silver, Labradorite and Ruby DROP EARRINGS.
  1. DA732R
    A Handmade Sterling Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold DIAMOND RING set with 9 Cube-cut Natural Diamonds.
  2. SB56R
    A Handmade Platinum and 18ct Yellow Gold Ring set with a Pear-cut Yellow Sapphire and Round Brilliant-cut Diamond.
  3. AHY169E
    A Pair of Handmade Sterling Silver and Blue Chalcedony EARRINGS.
  4. DA749C
    A Handmade Oxidised Sterling Silver and18ct Yellow Gold ‘Orchid’ CLASP on NECKLACE of Iolite Beads.
  5. DA703C
    A NECKLACE of Tumbled Ethiopian Opal Beads on Handmade Sterling Silver CLASP set with Ethiopian Opal Matrix and Opal Beads.
VAJ collection | Meadow detail page
VAJ collection | Meadow detail page

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