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In our tiny little shop in Rosebank, every day brings something new and exciting to look at and to think about!

Spring has come to Johannesburg, and summer is on its way.  With sunny days and warm evenings to look forward to, what could be better than a pair of dazzly dangly earrings to set the mood for fun.

DARE TO DAZZLE, featured on Instagram, is a small, brand new collection of earrings.  Each pair has been designed and made by one of our favourite South African artist-jewellers. 

The instant facelift – pop them on and you are ready for anything!


Birthstones - November Citrine

Birthstones November Citrine

This vibrant gemstone ranges in colour from pastel yellow to intense fiery orange. The name is derived from Citron, a lemon-like fruit. Citrine’s yellow hues are caused by iron in quartz crystals. A member of the quartz family, it’s well known close relative is amethyst, and the two can be found in single gemstones carrying both yellow and purple, known as Ametrine.

Birthstones - October Opal

Birthstone October Opal

This “Queen of gems”, Shakespeare called it. Impossible to resist for its sheer celebration of colour and beautiful opalescence.
Opal’s meaning comes from the Greek word Opallios, meaning to see a change. It is the product of thousands of years of natural formation where a silica type gel seeped into the rocks of the earth and hardened into opal.

Birthstones - August Peridot

Birthstone August Peridot

Peridot is unique in that it is the only gemstone that comes in one colour. The most valuable is a dark olive green, but it is charming in the other tones - pale yellowish green, olive green, bottle green or intense, vibrant apple green.
One of the oldest known stones - ancient Egyptians created beads from it and Greek and Romans used it for their pendants and rings.

Birthstones July Ruby

Birthstone July Ruby

Ruby is a member of the corundum family, and is one of the “Big Three”of precious gemstones, together with sapphire and emerald.

The intense red of rubies, added to their durability and versatility, contribute to their popularity.

Birthstones - February Amethyst

Birthstones February Amethyst

If you asked your Grandmother what the colour of amethyst is, she wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that it is purple.

Think of the ring you would kiss if you were to meet the Bishop! A very regal stone, highly prized and rare in days gone by.

But today it is more readily accessible – and the good news is that it is available in different colours.

Each piece of jewellery at VAJ is unique. The best way to enjoy the work of these talented South African artist-jewellers is to come and visit us in Rosebank (click here for directions).

We would love to see you, but if you can not, please fill in the form on the right.
We would appreciate hearing your comments on the collection, and will gladly answer any questions.

I look forward to your visit.

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