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In our tiny little shop in Rosebank, every day brings something new and exciting to look at and to think about!

Spring has come to Johannesburg, and summer is on its way.  With sunny days and warm evenings to look forward to, what could be better than a pair of dazzly dangly earrings to set the mood for fun.

DARE TO DAZZLE, featured on Instagram, is a small, brand new collection of earrings.  Each pair has been designed and made by one of our favourite South African artist-jewellers. 

The instant facelift – pop them on and you are ready for anything!


Digging Deep

VAJ | Collection | Dig Deep

Audentes Fortuna Iuvat

In keeping with the thought that to survive and indeed prosper in these extraordinary times one has to be resourceful and brave – let your jewellery say it for you.

Frankly unapologetic, our brand new, specially commissioned collection of jewellery features saturated colours and bold design.

There is Always One

VAJ | Collection | There is Always One

Setting the tone for Spring/Summer 2018/9 - A brand new Veronica Anderson Jewellery Collection.

See what all the hue and cry is about!

Enjoy the power of tonal dressing - choose a colour and have fun putting a jaw dropping look together that tells the world that you are YOU!
It’s a strong and magical look!


VAJ | Collection | Succulents

Inspired by the enchanting and subtle palette that is now – with the superb workmanship and attention to detail that is the trademark of our very talented South African jewellers.

Unusual shades and combinations make for an exciting collection of must-have pieces!

Why Pearls?

Buying pearls, the ins and outs

Pearls are fascinating – and one of Nature’s most enchanting gifts.

Learning more about them, in theory, is relatively easy. But, as with everything, really knowing enough to make informed choices requires hands-on experience – and lots of time spent looking, touching and feeling.

There are many types of Pearls

Pearls, the various types

Pearls are created by oysters, mussels and clams. Natural pearls form when an irritant works its way into the shell. The creature secretes a fluid as a protection against this irritant. This 'nacre' is deposited in many layers, and the pearl is formed.

Originally they were completely natural. The pearl divers of the past were the stuff of legends – half-naked mermaid-like ladies who collected the oysters and their precious contents from the seabed. Or not so romantic men in canvas diving suits!

Vintage Inspiration and Victoria

Vintage Inspiration and Victoria

October 2017

Our tireless window shopper, Victoria, tries on our jewellery...

Additional Information

DC0231E Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold, Brown Sapphire and Diamond DROP EARRINGS R12,840
NB0003N Vintage Cameo PENDANT in Sterling SIlver, 18ct Yellow Gold and Garnet Setting on Handwoven Oxidised Silver Choker RR9.980
AP0237N . Sterling Silver and Onyx NECKLACE with Black Drusy Centrepiece R9,980

Vintage Inspiration

VAJ collection | Vintage Inspiration

Revisiting Jewellery Designs from the Past

This collection takes inspiration from classic jewellery designs of the past. From Ancient Egypt, the Georgian period, the Victorian era, and the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements.

These one off handmade pieces bring these timeless designs right up to date using modern techniques and gemstones

Each piece of jewellery at VAJ is unique. The best way to enjoy the work of these talented South African artist-jewellers is to come and visit us in Rosebank (click here for directions).

We would love to see you, but if you can not, please fill in the form on the right.
We would appreciate hearing your comments on the collection, and will gladly answer any questions.

I look forward to your visit.

Veronica Anderson

Veronica Anderson Jewellery is South Africa´s leading contemporary jewellery gallery, showcasing the work of many of the country´s foremost goldsmiths and jewellery designers. Each piece is...

Custom Pearl Jewellery

PEARLS… of Nature’s most enchanting gifts. The gem of choice for timeless beauty – endlessly versatile and flattering.

Talk Radio | Small Business Awards

We are delighted to be a Finalist for the 2012 702 Small Business Awards.

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