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In our tiny little shop in Rosebank, every day brings something new and exciting to look at and to think about!

Spring has come to Johannesburg, and summer is on its way.  With sunny days and warm evenings to look forward to, what could be better than a pair of dazzly dangly earrings to set the mood for fun.

DARE TO DAZZLE, featured on Instagram, is a small, brand new collection of earrings.  Each pair has been designed and made by one of our favourite South African artist-jewellers. 

The instant facelift – pop them on and you are ready for anything!


Vintage Inspiration and Victoria

Vintage Inspiration and Victoria

October 2017

Our tireless window shopper, Victoria, tries on our jewellery...

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DC0231E Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold, Brown Sapphire and Diamond DROP EARRINGS R12,840
NB0003N Vintage Cameo PENDANT in Sterling SIlver, 18ct Yellow Gold and Garnet Setting on Handwoven Oxidised Silver Choker RR9.980
AP0237N . Sterling Silver and Onyx NECKLACE with Black Drusy Centrepiece R9,980

Vintage Inspiration

VAJ collection | Vintage Inspiration

Revisiting Jewellery Designs from the Past

Our brand new collection takes inspiration from classic jewellery designs of the past. From Ancient Egypt, the Georgian period, the Victorian era, and the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements.

These one off handmade pieces bring these timeless designs right up to date using modern techniques and gemstones

Ravishing Rubies for July

Rubies | Could there be a more bewitching colour?

Could there be a more bewitching colour?

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DA1626E – A Pair of Sterling Silver and 18ct Rose Gold STUD EARRINGS with Rough-cut Rubies. - R3,450.

BC0164N – Oxidised Sterling Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold NECKLACE/PENDANT with Rubies and Black Diamonds. – R28,980.

MH0339R – A Sterling Silver DRESS RING set with Rough-cut and Star Rubies. – R12,460.

Pearls Birthstone for June

The perfect accessory in every shape and size

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From left to right

EVDM0155E  : A Pair of Sterling Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold DROP EARRINGS with White Freshwater Pearls. – R4,750

FP0775N : A NECKLACE of Tahitian Pearls. – R36,000

PB0175R : A Sterling Silver, 9ct Yellow Gold, Tahitian Pearl and Diamond RING. – R10,800

It's May! Time for Emeralds

Emeralds for today's lifestyle - jewellery that you can wear from morning to night. Delightfully on trend.

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BC0017N – Fine Silver and 22ct Yellow Gold Elements and Clasp set with Diamond Slices on Emerald NECKLACE. – R26,900
BC0146R – A Sterling Silver and 22ct Yellow Gold DRESS RING set with Russian Rutile Emerald and Black Diamonds.- R14,800
AHY0383E - A Pair of Handmade Sterling Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold DROP EARRINGS with Cabochon Russian Rutile Emerald. – R6,540

Rough and Tumble

VAJ collection | Rough and Tumble

MAY 2017
Precious metals and fine gemstones.
Some like it rough – others prefer it smooth.

This brand new collection of jewellery features specially sourced gemstones from all over the world.

Aquamarine. Delightful in all it's many guises. Brand new pieces specially created for March birthday girls!

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It's February. Amethyst. Lucky are those with this birthstone!

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"In the pink" and ready for a bright New Year.

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Fresh and Invigorating GREENERY - 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year

Tempting on-trend jewellery.

Fresh and Invigorating GREENERY - 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year

Tempting on-trend jewellery.

Quintessential Quartz

Perfect stocking fillers for those of us who are brave enough!
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Platinum!! Platafrica Awards tonight. Lucky me - I was a judge!!

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Rock crystal ring - 100 carats plus! Outsparkle everyone! #VeronicaAndersonJewellery #Bespoke #HandmadeinSouthAfrica #FineJewellery #localzadesign #FineJewellery #Handmade #jewellerygram #southafrica #knuckleduster #cocktailring

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R 4.200,00

If you want to leave your diamonds behind when you go on holiday or out and about this sumemr, why not have this ring as your real statement jewel?  Such fun to wear and a great covnversation piece.

Each piece of jewellery at VAJ is unique. The best way to enjoy the work of these talented South African artist-jewellers is to come and visit us in Rosebank (click here for directions).

We would love to see you, but if you can not, please fill in the form on the right.
We would appreciate hearing your comments on the collection, and will gladly answer any questions.

I look forward to your visit.

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